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A Complete Review of Clixsense

As a long time member of Clixsense, I am going to share with you everything I know about Clixsense, and why I personally think it is the best ptc site on the internet today.



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The innovative script used by Clixsense is
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Clixsense Overview and Site Statistics

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 Online Since February 2007
 Member Count 1.8 million (as of November 2011)
 Pay Per Click $0.001 (3 second ad), $0.005 (15 second ad), 
                         $0.01 (30 second ad), $0.02 (60 second ad)
Pay Per Referral Click Standard members 20% of 1st level ref clicks
                                    Upgraded members 40% of 1st level ref clicks
 Minimum Cashout Standard members $10.00 cashouts paid weekly
                                  Upgraded members $8.00 cashouts paid weekly
                                  Cashout by Paypal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, or by cheque


Clixsense is more than just a ptc site..
Not only do you earn quite reasonable money, simply for viewing the adverts, you can also earn even more money through Clixsense’s high paying affiliate programme.

Heres how the Clixsense affiliate programme works…
Once you paid your $15 membership fee, you are immediately credited with 100 adds to click, so you are basically getting $1.00 of your investment back immediately.

From then on, you will continue to get a decent amount of ads to click daily as you are an upgraded member. On average, you tend to get about 4 – 5 $0.01 ads + several mini ads each day.

But the real profit comes in to play with the Clixsense referral system. As an upgraded member, when anyone in your 1st level downline chooses to upgrade, you instantly get a $2.00 commission! You will also get an extra $0.40 when your new upgraded referral clicks their complementary 100 ads.

But that’s not all. When ANY of your level 2 – 8 referrals decide to upgrade, you get credited $1.00 commission every time! Clixsense truely is a powerful programme, anyone can join this programme and experience some level of success.

You ALSO earn 10% commissions, whenever any of your referrals purchases some advertising. Eg. Your referral spends $15.00 on a clixgrid advert, you would get a $1.50 commission.


Earn extra money playing the Clixgrid game
I personally don’t play this game very much anymore, but if you play it often enough, I guarantee you will win a few cash prizes. I have played and won on it a few times, the most I won was $2.00. The cash prizes you win ranges from $0.10 – $5.00
To play the game is easy, you simply click on one of the grids. Each click will take you to either an advertisers website, or a prize notification message! Free members get 20 chances a day, upgraded get 50 chances.

Screenshot of the Clixgrid game you can play daily and win real cash!

Winnings range from $0.10 -$5.00 and are credited instantly to your Clixsense balance!




Clixsense Payment Proof

You do not have to worry about whether you’ll get paid or not.
You’ll get paid alright!




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